The purchase of a safe is one of the most important decisions you can ever make. 

First of all what should be your guide to purchasing a quality gun safe?

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Proper Placement of the Shooting Hand on the Handgun:

First and most importantly, you must select a handgun that fits your demand perfectly because if the handgun is too big or too small for your hand then you will not be able to achieve the results that you have always wished. It is not necessary that if one thing works for you then it will work for your companions as well. This is due to the difference in hand size, finger length and other such factors.

When you get started you must align your handgun with the bones of your forearm. This way you will feel the recoil to a lesser extent. In other words, the right wood pistol grips will help absorb the shock of the shot and you will achieve maximum result.

Another important thing is settling your hand as close to the back-strap as possible and holding the pistol as low in your hand as possible. The more close you can get your hand to the bore-line the better you will be at handling the recoil between shoots and hence you will feel that you are getting better at shot-to-shot recovery.

When it comes to the firmness with which you should handle your handgun there are different opinions. All of these are authentic and valid pointers based on the experience of the shooters. And the truth of the matter is that all of these pointers are good for different situations therefore you must make yourself comfortable with all of them.

Better 1911 Pistol Grips - Using the Support Hand:

If you think that it is important to place your shooting hand on the pistol properly then you are seriously wrong since it is as much important to properly place your supporting hand as well. Maintain your shooting grip as recommended earlier and then place your support hand under the trigger as high as possible while putting your fingers parallel to your shooting hand.

Having the right 1911 pistol grips on your handgun is vital; however, the right placement of your thumbs is also important. Keep the technique of “thumb print over the thumb nail” in mind when trying to find the right position for your thumb on your handgun. According to this technique you will have to put the thumbprint of your support thumb on the thumb nail of your shooting hand, providing you a better grip over your handgun grips.

When it comes to handgun you will only have 1.5 points of contact which revolve around the shooting hand and all other support is by the support hand. If you are thinking the support hand is not of much importance or does not offer much help then you are seriously wrong. The reason for this is that support hand not only provides a firmer grip on the handgun but also helps in stabilizing it. Another factor contributing to its importance is that it helps in holding the gun and pressing the trigger.

During shooting you must relax your shooting hand and transfer all the responsibility to your support hand. Try to hold the handgun as lightly as possible in your hand while making use of the locked-down thumb technique. However, when making use of this technique you need to remember to straighten your thumb as this will give more space to your thumb muscle against the 1911 pistol grips. Then wrap your support hand around your shooting hand and create a 360 degree contact between the two hands in the process. This 360 degree contact will allow you to get your gun back on target much faster than you anticipate.

If you have not tried the 360 degree contact, “thumb print over the thumb nail” technique then try it once at least once and feel the difference instantly. You can purchase 1911 pistol grips, wood pistol grips and all types of handgun grips at our online store.